Component Library

Create a component library for an online music, video games, and movies store.


You work for a large scale ecommerce website that sells music, video games, and movies. Your team wants consistent and reusable components across the website, so your assignment is to create a component library to support the project.

Level 1

The most visually appealing way to display a collection of media is to use the poster or album artwork in an easy-to-use way like a grid.

Create a new component library with Storybook.js that includes the following base components:

  • Poster: a single media item represented by its artwork
  • Poster Grid: a grid of Posters
  • Media Details: a media item’s metadata including Poster

More levels including the ability to save your progress coming soon!

To Do


  • Storybook.js
  • StoryShots


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