Custom Hook

Create a custom hook that allows you to fetch the movies from the Lord of the Rings API.


You’re creating a fan review website for the Lord of the Rings and need movie details. To do that, you need to make requests to the API on multiple pages, so having a reusable hook would be helpful. Your assignment is to create a custom hook that you can use on any page to request movie info from the API.

Level 1

To build a custom hook, the first thing you need is a file that exports a custom function. You can do this manually or you can start your entire project automatically by using the useCustomHook starter template.

With the skeleton of a hook, the main purpose will be to fetch data from the API. Set up a request mechanism using the browser fetch API or your favorite request library.

More levels including the ability to save your progress coming soon!

To Do


  • Lord of the Rings API
  • useCustomHook


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